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Nidhi Adhiya-Huba

Nidhi is the creative force behind Aum Home. Bringing over 20 years experience in yoga, spiritual healing and the arts to her services, Nidhi’s goal is to help make a person’s environment not only peaceful, but beautiful too. Nothing brings Nidhi more joy and satisfaction then helping people create an environment that reflects and magnifies the light of their spirit.Her work is motivated by the time her daughter spent in the hospital after a near death experience. To aid in her healing, Nidhi transformed the hospital room into a place of calm which not only had a positive affect on her daughter, but on everyone who stepped into the room, including the medical staff. From this difficult experience AumHome came into fruition. Nidhi has been a spokesperson for Eileen Fisher, has appeared in O MagazineYoga International and Yoga Journal and her clientele list for styling includes Ralph LaurenBloomingdales and Kodak. She was personally guided into Kundalini Yoga by Yogi Bhajan who urged her on the yogic path she is on. Her AumHome course is one that shows how to use yogic tools to understand and create healing spaces. She has staged the sets for Yoga Journal conferences and has taught at these events as well. Her passion is her family, yoga, design and how to serve others in AumHome.