555 Creation

Seeing 555 is the invitation to change, create and be compassionate with your Self as you do it! Ready to Contemplate and have Courage to do all you need to do to shift ?
5 weeks plus 5 days is 40 days of Will to Change. Make an appointment with Nidhi to start the process.

Book a consultation


Weekly phone sessions for 5 weeks,
Daily Practice movement (yoga!) mantra mindfulness


Change patterns based on your pulse rate Vata, Pitta, Kapha.
Create  a journal of your eating habits


Daily list 5 things you can do for your SELF that show compassion


Vision Board

Take poster board, canvas and mark into 4 sections. Every week we will focus on a section.


Physical & Emotional Health Financial


Week 5 we will focus on finishing touches and symbols we can use to manifest!
Have a private space to do your call,
Have a journal and a way to record the session
I also ask if you have any crystal energies any images of guides you work with – if you have an altar it is powerful to work in front of it! If you don’t have a altar lets work on what you need to create one..
Be somewhere where you can lay down and be ready to get cozy !

To Contemplate

What do I need to. Change ?? 
Who is in my realm is controlling how I feel ?
Who are my strengths ?
What am I struggling with ?
 What do I need to do to shift ?? What is holding me back ?
Where do I see myself in a year ? Where do I want to be ? Where is my safe space?
 When is my goal ? When did I start feeling I was not in control ? When am I really ready to be AWAKE
Why am I doing this , for me ?
List whatever comes into your mind.. also any questions you may have for Spirit ..we never know what comes up but must be open and ready !