“Out of all my teachers during my 8+ years of Yoga training Nidhi is the best and most authentic Kundalini Yoga instructor that I’ve ever had”
-Adam F. Bernstein • Psychic, betweentheworlds.com
“Nidhi has done powerful healing work on me and has done feng shui on my apartment. I find her to be caring, accessible and her recommendations are only for one’s highest good”
-Jamie Winnick • Theater coach, School of Performing Arts
“Most inspirational Person - Body, Mind and Soul”
-N. de Kwaitkowski • Filmmaker
“Nidhi has committed her life to yoga, art and style and does it with love and impeccable taste. Om Home brings all these talents together. She goes the extra mile to make this work fit the needs of each individual, taking who they are and their own unique energy, and applying it to their living/work space with great care”
-Amrita/Donna Davidge • Kundalini yoga teacher and owner of Retreat Center.
“Nidhi brings her own unique blend of style and sprituality to everything she does. Artist, yogi, healer, interior and floral designer are some of the ways she expresses her talent. Nidhi has been my go to person for all of the above and has always been professional, pleasant, and detail oriented. She is great at it all and I am sure anyone would really enjoy working with her.”
-Pamela K., Manhattan and Southhampton, NY
“Nidhi was the fengshui and decorating consultant for our yoga and music space, Hari NYC. She was truly amazing! She transformed every challenge into a opportunity. From floor plan to color and material choices she was essential. The once midtown industrial loft is now a very cozy, personal and effective space for our business. Thank You Nidhi”
-Hari, Nyc Kundalini Yoga Center
“Nidhi’s innate sense of balance, impeccable style and nurturing personality help her to create beautiful, soothing environments that are good for the soul.”
-Laurie Osmond • Editor and Film Producer