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Stage & Sage


Stage and Sage is a service for individuals and is a great asset to realtors to help sell their properties. A beautiful home with a great feel to it will sell quickly! Studies show that time on market is cust as much as 50% and selling price is increased anywhere from 10% to 40% when a home is properly staged, and this is where Nidhi and the AumHome team comes in.

The team utilizes all of the their skills and talents in helping to create a warm and mesmerizing place sure to capture the buyers' eye.

Space clearing also is crucial, as it can help a client become even more comfortable in their surroundings on every level. The Aum Home team has years of experience and is well versed in various rituals to help clear clients and the spaces in which they reside. These services are offered separately, or can be bought in a package form.